Value of project
$25M - $50M


Sep 2021


Mar 2022


Mar 2026

The three sewage treatment plants (STPs) within the Devonport region are all ageing and suffer significant impacts from stormwater and industrial loads. All plants are reaching their capacity which will curtail and impede future residential, commercial and industrial development in the North-West of Tasmania. The likely outcome will be to decommission the two STP’s at Port Sorell and Latrobe, provide storage at the Port Sorell and Latrobe STP’s and pump sewage to a newly upgraded STP at Pardoe.

TAS 7310

Government agency - TasWater

  • Major industry:

    Electric, gas, water & waste services

  • Major procurement method:

    To Be Determined

  • Next key date:

  • Project contracts:

    None available

For more information contact: Joe Dale
Launceston Tas 7250

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