About NICS

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) establishes the first-ever national government infrastructure project pipeline. Its implementation is a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and local government.

The NICS provides industry with information on major infrastructure projects committed by governments across the country in a dynamic, easy-to-use manner.

The NICS includes construction projects that are valued at $50 million and above for larger states and $20 million and above for smaller states and territories, local government and council projects. It also contains information on tender opportunities.

As part of Governments’ due diligence, planning and feasibility studies are undertaken to test the viability of projects prior to consideration for funding. The inclusion of these projects on the NICS provides industry with an awareness of possible future projects prior to any commitment for construction.

NICS also provides a list of publicly-owned assets which the Commonwealth, state and territory governments will bring to market.

NICS contains projects with opportunities for firms to bid on contracts. Over time, these projects, as well as any new projects, move along the project lifecycle, leading to a deep and liquid pipeline of infrastructure opportunities.

The information on the NICS is provided by the government responsible for procuring the project and is updated on a regular basis.

Where a government announces a new commitment, the NICS will be updated within a week of that announcement. Local Government projects will be included on a voluntary basis, with information updated regularly.

The NICS may also include information on projects below $50 million, or projects procured by Government Business Enterprises if the responsible jurisdiction provides the necessary information.

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