Value of project
$250M - $500M


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q2 (Apr-Jun)


Q3 (Jul-Sep)

Bruce Highway (Innisfail - Cairns), Stage 3 Edmonton to Gordonvale

Stage 3 will run south from Collinson Creek in Edmonton to the east of the existing highway, as far as the vicinity of Wrights Creek. The North Coast rail line will be moved to the east.
The new alignment then duplicates the existing highway on the western side, creating two extra lanes as far as Gordonvale. In the Maher Road area, the existing rail line will be moved to the east.

There are currently a number of intersections and direct accesses on the existing highway. The new alignment will either partially or fully close most of these to increase road safety and improve traffic flow. Service roads will be used to re-direct traffic to safer access points, including using the existing Bruce Highway as a service road between Petersen Road and Wrights Creek.

The 10 kilometre planned highway duplication is an extension of existing completed works and will extend the four-lane highway south to Gordonvale.

The works will deliver a total transport solution and long term improvements to traffic flow and road safety through reducing congestion, reducing highway travel time and improving road access.

Qld 4870

Government agency - Department of Transport and Main Roads

Project Funding source - Queensland Government
Australian Government

For more information contact: District Director (Far North)
15 Lake Street
Cairns Qld 4870

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