Value of project
$100M - $250M


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q1 (Jan-Mar)


Q1 (Jan-Mar)

Construction of Townsville Ring Road; Section Four.
The Townsville Ring Road Section Four (TRR4) project is a proposed new infrastructure on the northern outskirts of Townsville. Once constructed, the link will become part of the Bruce Highway (Brisbane - Cairns Corridor). TRR4 will complete the overall 20km Townsville Ring Road link, which has been developed in stages since 2005, and is part of the National Network route through Townsville. TRR4 will replace the interim and existing National Network routes: Shaw Road and Bruce Highway (Shaw Road - Mt Low Parkway). The project will connect to the existing National Network via:
- the Townsville Ring Road Sections Two and Three in the south, and
- the Bruce Highway to the north (in the vicinity of Mt Low Parkway - Veale's Road).
The project provides for 10km of two-lane, undivided carriageway. It is a limited access route and will include two intersections only, southern (grade-separated) and northern (at grade) connections. The project will include appropriate bridging and drainage structures to provide Q50 flood immunity. The scope also includes appropriate design standards for a Higher Mass Limits (HML) route and a 110 km/hr operating vehicle speed.
The project will protect the National Network’s primary function (through traffic) by:
- protecting the link from uncontrolled local traffic, maximising the economic life of the overall Ring Road link, improving freight efficiency (for through and Port freight),
- providing a more direct route for inter-regional freight and an alternative northern access for Port-related freight, support economic growth,
- minimising disruptions to business and industry, providing flood immunity at agreed corridor standards, meeting contemporary safety and design standards, improving travel-time reliability, improving amenity and safety (by reducing Port freight on arterial and local road networks), improving separation and managing of traffic types.

QLD 4810

Government agency - Department of Transport and Main Roads

For more information contact: District Director (Northern)
44 Flinders Street
Townsville Qld 4810

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